Erika Aarun Cordero

Originally from Mexico City, from a family of Lebanese immigrants to Mexico, her great grand parents came to Mexico fleeing from Lebanon, due to persecution by the Ottoman Empire for being Catholics, so she is completely sensitive to the reality of migrants and their complexity in the history of countries.  Erika is an attorney both in Mexico and in the United States.  She practiced corporate law in Mexico for more than 20 years as in-house lawyer and General Counsel for regulated and publicly traded multinational corporations, in fields such as mining, transformation industry, logistics, real estate development, construction and railroad transportation.

Erika knows how to provide pragmatic solutions to her clients, minimizing risks and getting to targeted business goals.  So, in the field of immigration law, she knows how to approach clients’ requests for a relief or legal solution to their inquiries, as well as making them aware of their risks and possible future actions.  Her proven experience in business strategic negotiations, corporate law, regulatory compliance and general business law gives her the ability to engage in immigration processes with the legal foundations to defend her clients, as well as the necessary compliance and understanding of the relevant legislation.

Erika obtained a Juris Doctor degree in Mexico and graduated cum laude with and LLM in the United States, she also pursued a master’s in business administration in Spain.  She has participated in the Mexican Bar, Lawyers College, AbogadasMx, National Association of In-House Lawyers, Mexican Center for the Philanthropy, National Center of Human Rights, and currently participates in the US Mexico Bar Association, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and American Society in Mexico.

Erika is fluent in English and Spanish, and she is an active member of her Catholic Community in several ministries for children, youth and recently she is a facilitator to help other ministers understand the importance of protecting children and youth against sexual abuse.

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